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Episode 5: Rescuing Lost Pufflings in Iceland, and my book award!

I won a Moonbean Children's book award for my book about Icelandic Puffins!

Episode Notes

This is an exciting episode for 2 reasons! First, I share the amazing story of how children in Iceland rescue thousands of baby puffins (pufflings) every year.

Second, the book I wrote about this true story just won a children's book award! I won the silver medal for (second) best children's picture eBook at the Moonbeam Children's Book Awards!

"Lundi the Lost Puffin" is on sale right now to celebrate the award. See the book on Amazon!

RA Anderson also won a Moonbeam award for her book series about ... puffins in Iceland! Here is the first of her books on Amazon!

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Episode 4: 3 reasons to visit the Westman Islands in Iceland

A ferry ride to a new world of volcanos, puffins, and much more!

Episode Notes

Most people don't visit the Westman Islands during their Iceland vacation. And that's too bad! A fun and not too long ferry ride (which is an adventure in itself) gets you to a fascinating island with a rich history. The recent volcano eruption here isn't ancient history. Add millions of puffins, a rope attached to a cliff, and more, and you're in for a memorable trip!

For free maps and lots of other freebies to help you plan your trip, visit Westman Islands links:

Eyja Tours:

Sea Life Trust Aquarium:

Ferry: (Posts usually have English below the Icelandic)

Episode 3: Three questions to help you plan your Iceland vacation

Don't know where to start with planning your trip? Start here!

Episode Notes

You're planning a vacation to Iceland, but have no idea how to create an itinerary? Today we're asking 3 questions to help you get started. You'll have a plan in no time!

Some of these Iceland With Kids resources can also help:

Our Driving in Iceland Course Our travel guide book, Iceland With Kids

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Episode 2: Why Iceland is the best starter destination

If you're looking for your first international trip, here's why we think Iceland is the right choice!

Episode Notes

What's a "starter destination?" If you've never traveled internationally, we think Iceland is the perfect country to start with. Today is all about why Iceland is the perfect combination of safe and amazing!

Visit to grab our free printable page of our favorite Iceland photographs, and to grab all of the freebies from all of our episodes!

Also check out Travel Babbo's math about how a vacation to Disneyland is around the same price as a family trip to Iceland!

Episode 1: The Golden Circle

The major attractions in Iceland's Golden Circle, plus some hidden gems!

Episode Notes

Go to to grab your free printable map of Iceland!

We cover the "Big 3" attractions on the Golden Circle: Gullfoss, Geysir, and Þingvellir. (And we teach you how to pronounce them!)

Plus, hear about the hidden gems of Friðheimar, Slakki, and more!

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