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Episode 15: What's new in Iceland in 2022!

New spas, lava shows, hotels, airlines, and much more!

Episode Notes

We're back with a new episode! This is the first of many new podcasts we have lined up for 2022.

In this episode, we talk about new things in Iceland that you may not know about! There's a new airline, a new premium spa, a new lava show, and more. If you're heading to Iceland, you can be one of the first to experience these attractions!

Also new are Covid regulations, though those have been pretty stable for a while. To book a Covid test if your country requires one (the United States does!) just go here: (for testing in Reykjavik) (for testing in Keflavik near the airport)

We're here to help you plan the best Iceland itinerary possible! Check out a sample itinerary at the link below. We have new software that makes for a stunning itinerary. Let us know what you think!

Iceland custom itinerary planning

We also keep up with the latest Covid regulations. Work with us to plan your itinerary and you'll always know what you need to know to have an amazing vacation!

As always, e-mail me with any comments or questions. Thanks for listening!

Episode 14: Visiting Iceland in 2021: Covid-19 and a volcano!

Vaccinated people can now visit Iceland! Here's what to keep in mind,

Episode Notes

On March 18th, Iceland started allowing vaccinated individuals to visit Iceland. On March 19th, a volcano erupted not too far from the airport!

[UPDATE March 31st: Well, some of the information in this episode has already changed! The volcano is still going strong, but the travel restrictions were outdated before they were even implemented. See for the latest, which is constantly changing!]

But can you bring your kids? Will the airport close? Here's what you need to know about visiting Iceland in 2021!

If you do visit, be sure to follow the rules at Things are kind of back to normal, but there's still plenty of mask wearing and social distancing in Iceland!

Let Iceland With Kids help you plan your vacation!

For more information and pictures of the volcano, check out

Episode 13: Ice Caves and Glacier Hikes: An Interview with Melrakki Adventures

Unmissable advice if you're planning an ice cave or glacier tour in Iceland. Plus an amazing discount!

Episode Notes

We're so excited to share this interview with Melrakki Adventures! We chat with the owners of the company, who offer small group ice save and glacier tours. Oddur and Katarina are experts about all things related to ice caves and glaciers in Iceland.

We learned so much, and we're sure you will too. Why ice caves are bluer in the winter. Why you should bring sunglasses for a glacier hike. And, how to save 15% off of a tour with Melrakki Adventures!

We honestly weren't expecting this, but Melrakki is offering a 15% discount to our podcast listeners. Book a tour on Melrakki's web site and use the coupon code icelandwithkids. The coupon is good at least through the end of 2021, but try it any time!

Melrakki offers glacier hikes to kids as young as 6, but only if their feet are big enough to wear crampons. The minimum show size is EU 34, which is a size 2 1/2 men's and 4 women's in the US. Most 6-year-olds won't have feet this big, but your 8-year-old might!

Melrakki has tons of stunning photographs from their tours on Instagram. Check out or favorites at There you'll also find information about tour planning services we're offering for your 2021 or 2022 Iceland vacation!

Episode 12: Planning a trip to Iceland with pre-teens

Visiting Iceland with kids 8-12? Get a jump-start on your trip planning with this episode!

Episode Notes

Planning to visit Iceland with kids between the ages of 8-12? This is the episode for you! You'll learn our major tip for avoiding boredom. Plus, we cover dozens of things to see and do in 5 areas of Iceland we recommend for your family vacation!

Visit to download our free map showing these 5 areas we recommend. (And also the spellings for some of the hard to pronounce place names in this episode!)

Need help planning your Iceland vacation? Just visit our Iceland tour planning information page to learn about our VIP Iceland vacation planning services. It's less expensive than you think, and there's no extra fee if you have to change your plans!

Visit Iceland With Kids for more tips to help you plan your Iceland vacation!

Episode 11: Interview with Whale Watching Expert Judith Scott

Judith is a whale watching tour guide in Iceland, and also a photographer!

Episode Notes

On today's episode I'm thrilled to interview Judith Scott, a whale watching tour guide in Iceland and other countries. I knew she was an expert, but Judith has led over 4,000 whale watching tours!

Judith talks about why whale watching in Iceland is unique from many other countries, and also offers tips on what to wear and how to avoid seasickness. She also gives us some advice about how to find the best whale watching trip for you and your family.

Judith is also a fantastic photographer. You can see some of her amazing whale watching photographs on her web site.

Finally, check out some of our favorite pictures she has taken at While you're there you can also see information on how Iceland With Kids can help you plan your 2021 Iceland vacation!

Episode 10: Tips for booking lodging in Iceland

Hotels? AirBNB? Campsites? We'll tell you how to find the best options for your family!

Episode Notes

Today we share 6 great tips to make sure you find the perfect lodging options for your trip to Iceland! When to book, how to find the best location, rules for campervans, and much much more. And of course, how to save money!

Find campsites in Iceland here:

See out trip planning options, as well as free information related to each podcast here:

Episode 9: 9 Things to see in Iceland with Teenagers

From incredible hikes to a volcano museum to driving a snowmobile up a glacier. And so much more!

Episode Notes

In this episode, we'll share 9 amazing things you can see and do with teenagers in Iceland. Even if you don't have teenagers, listen to hear some of our more adventurous recommendations. A boat ride to an isolated puffin paradise. A hike that's called "Waterfall Way." And even a competitive game of "footgolf," where you play golf with a soccer ball!

If you plan to hike the Skógafoss Waterfall Way (or the full trail, called Fimmvörðuháls,) be sure to check out these excellent articles:

Here are the flood tables that tell you when it is safe to walk to Grótta:

And finally, visit our web site for photos of some of the places we discuss in this episode, and for more help planning your vacation to Iceland:

Episode 8: Seeing the Northern Lights in Iceland!

When to see them, where to see them, and 3 options for how to see them!

Episode Notes

This episode tells you everything to need to know to see the Northern Lights in Iceland! Well, to try and see them at least. Even with perfect planning, the lights just might not be active on any given night. But if you're lucky enough to see them, you're in for a treat!

Here are the useful websites I mention during the episode:

The Iceland With Kids article about seeing the Northern Lights in Iceland

The Iceland With Kids article about hours of daylight in Iceland

The Time and Date web site, which shows you sunset and sunrise times

The Icelandic Meteorological Office's Aurora forecast

Thanks for listening! As always, check out for even more freebies! Or e-mail me at [email protected] with questions, comment, or for help planning your Iceland vacation!

Episode 7: Places to Visit with Babies and Toddlers in Iceland

Exciting places to see with babies, or really anyone of any age!

Episode Notes

If you're visiting Iceland with small children, there are still tons of incredible things to see and do! Here are 7 activities you can do with babies, toddlers, or anyone of any age!

Even if you don't have small children, listen in for activities the whole family will enjoy, from youngest to oldest.

See pictures of our recommendations at

Episode 6: Interview with Kellie Floyd about her Iceland vacation!

Kellie shares great tips and a sample itinerary!

Episode Notes

I'm excited for my very first interview episode! Kellie shares some great tips for families visiting Iceland, as well as tons of amazing things to see.

Follow Kellie on Instagram to see her Iceland pictures!

And as always, visit for more show notes and freebies. Thanks!

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